10 Awesome Album Covers

10 Awesome Album Covers


Album covers... how I love them so much. Unfortunately they have kind of gone to the wayside. They're not completely dead and they will probably never go away because imagery does influence in the music experience and industry, but their prominence has definitely been knocked down quite a few notches. I remember going to the store, buying a CD, then pouring through the album art while listening to the album. It was definitely more of a special event to purchase an album. It was way more rewarding. Kind of like opening a present Christmas day. Now, that special event doesn't exist. A new album comes out, you do a quick search and start playing. That thumbnail image does create an initial impression in your mind, but sitting down to listen to the music while infecting your eyes with the associated visiuals for that album... well that just doesn't happen. Never the less, album art is still amazingly influential and awesome! Here are a few of my all-time favorite album covers: Zao: Self-Titled



Tycho: Dive



Filter: Short Bus



David Crowder Band: A Collision



Dead Poetic: New Medicines



Menomena: Friend or Foe



Boards of Canada: Geogaddi



Norma Jean: O' God the Aftermath



Radiohead: Ok Computer



Training for Utopia: Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine



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