Automate It!


Automation… doesn’t sound like fun. Sounds a bit too techy and stuff. Sometimes its a pain in the butt to figure out how to automate tasks. But if you know your programs, automation will save you tons of time and wont turn your brain to mush. What do I mean by automation though? Well, most of my automated processes are in Photoshop because I spend a lot of time building out assets. This involves creating a cool looking image in Photoshop and then converting that image into 4 other formats, one of which needs to be downsized for web usage. One image is not really a big deal, but if you have to take care of hundreds… yeah it’s time to automate.

If you have a task that needs to be done a million times, do it once and record a new action in Photoshop. Then you can turn that action into a droplet. A droplet is basically a shortcut that Photoshop will create that lets you drag and drop image files onto it. From there Photoshop will open and do all that heavy lifting for you while you go to Starbucks for that sweet iced carmel machiato.

Typically I have to build out tiff/jpg versions of these assets to share. I am sure there are lots of people out there who do the same thing. If you are one of those and havent tested out automating this task, fret no more. I setup a nice little automation folder for you to download that includes two Photoshop droplets. Both of these droplets will let you drag and drop image files onto them. They will open your file and save it in the appropriate format without changing the resolution or size. The only requirement (other than having Photoshop) is that once you download and unzip the folder, you leave the folder on the desktop. The actions are setup to store the new file formats in the JPG and Tiff folders located within the Automation folder using your desktop file path.

I might add some more droplets in the future, so if you have any questions, let me know. Have funs!