I listen to a lot of ambient background music while design/illustrating. I find it's perfect to help me focus on what I am doing. Often times, it's like the music is carrying me through the design process. Of course, a lot of times it all comes down to my mood, but lately ambient background music has been the main musical addiction. I've found that Soundcloud is a great place to discover all sorts of music that isnt available on main streaming services, especially remixes. While exploring, I discovered Drip-133 and instantly got hooked. His music is mostly instrumental with heavy bass, lots of organic sounds and synths all wrapped up in a soft slightly dark atmosphere. Perfect for when I am designing. And when he features other singers, that's when it gets really good. I ended up buying all of his music from Bandcamp because I love it so much. If you are into ambient instrumental music, definitely check him out. Favorite tracks: