Eyes & Ears Report: July '19

Eyes & Ears Report: July '19




I really enjoyed this movie. It knew exactly what it wanted to be and focused on the simple concept: stuck in a house with gators with the added bonus of a hurricane to keep things moving. It was intense the whole way through and provided moments to build the characters. I figured I’d probably enjoy this movie since it looked like a similar tone to Don’t Breathe, which I also loved. Definitely recommend if you like intense creature features.


First Reformed

Ethan Hawke is pretty awesome. The story and characters are very deep too. Lots to think about. It’s a slow burn kind of movie with a very… interesting ending.

Long Shot

My wife and I watched this and loved it. Super funny, great story and very likable characters. Highly recommended.


Beach Bum

This one is a big WTF. Like… really. Obviously the main appeal is Matthew and he’s pretty fun to watch. That’s actually the only reason I watched the whole movie. I think the movie would’ve been better if it was 30 minutes long…



It was fun seeing everyone transform into their characters. Interesting (and depressing) story. Unfortunately I fell asleep half way through…



Stranger Things: Season 3

Are there people out there that havent seen this show? Well if you are out there, you should fix that! So far, I’ve enjoyed all 3 seasons and this one… this one might be the best. It does a great job of blending sci-fi, action, comedy and leans into the horror element even more. The characters are all handled nicely and the nostalgic factor just makes sense when it shows up. Now… now we have to wait for the next season.


Lost in Space: Season 1

I really really liked this show. The special effects and world building were quite amazing. I didnt watch the original show, but I did see the movie and I didnt really take any of that in account. That aside, I found the story and the characters very captivating. The show leaned more into the character dynamics than set pieces or special effects. I also really liked how the main characters arent so black and white, especially Dr. Smith. Most would assume she was the bad guy, but not quite. Her motivations might seem selfish, but definitely not evil. Also, I loved the dynamic between the robot and Will. I really hope they come back for another season.

Good Reads


How to UnFu*K Yourself

This was a great book. Not too long, not to complicated. The author does a great job of keeping things simple and easy to understand. The book is really about altering your perspective and from there, taking action. It’s an inspirational book meant to help you figure out how to untangle the mess inside your head. The book is broken up into chapters based around super simple concepts that are then expanded on. I took notes as I read, but really, just single sentence notes, because I wanted to try and remember what I read. The biggest take away: taking action is probably the single most important thing someone can do.


Batman Earth One

Wow, I really loved this story and the way the went about it. It’s very down to earth and realistic. Not as over the top as some of the other Batman comics. Once I finished this one, I sped through Volume 2 and was bummed to find out Volume 3 was no where in sight. This was a great story, with some nice unexpected twists, but all very grounded and realistic. I mean, Batman makes mistakes in this! How cool is that? He’s not perfect. It was nice to read that and hopefully they’ll continue the story in the near future.



The Appleseed Cast - The Fleeting Light of Impermanence

This album came out in June, but I somehow missed it. I’ve been a fan of The Appleseed Cast for a long time and this album… is GOOD! The day I discovered it, this was the only thing I listened to over and over again. Favorite track is Asking the Fire for Medicine.


Lorn - Drown the Traitor

I love the weirdness of his music. It’s all electronic (I think) soundscapes that mix the vibe of Blade Runner with crushing bass and synths. It’s great music to work to. The music videos are pretty great too. Favorite track is Through the Fire.


Tycho - Weather

Tycho never disappoints. I’ve really liked all of their (his) albums. This one… this one took a little adjusting too. This is the first album with vocals and there are times where I felt the vocals are too dominant. After listening to it a few times though, damn these songs are good. It’s not that I think the vocals are bad. They actually mix quite well with the vibe, I’m just so used to the ambient aspect, it took me a while to get used to it. Favorite track is For How Long.

Foodle // 20190802

Foodle // 20190802