Eyes & Ears Report: August '19

Eyes & Ears Report: August '19




It took us a long time to actually decide to sit down and watch this movie. It always looked interesting to us, but it looked like a very challenging movie. It looked like it would be depressing and would probably end on a sour note. That all changed once we sat down and watched it because it ended up being a very hopeful and optimistic movie. There was plenty about it that was challenging and depressing, but it never wallowed in the vibe. Instead, it fleshed out characters with backstory and redemptive arcs. Not only that, but we were surprised out how relevant the themes were. So yeah, safe to say we loved the movie and would highly recommend it.



I’ve seen this movie many many many times. Watched it a lot as a kid, but it had been a while since I saw it recently. Happy to report, it’s still awesome. Although, it’s awesome for different reasons. When I was kid, it was just plain awesome watching the action, the alien, etc. Now, it’s awesome for the action, but it’s awesome because it’s over the top and the lines… oh boy the lines are just beautiful. Stick around.


Always Be My Maybe

This was a fun movie. The plot is fairly predictable, but that didnt bother me because both the characters were so fun to watch. And of course, Keanu Reeves makes a cameo and COMPLETELY STEALS THE MOVIE.



Future Man: Season 2

This show is crazy! They’re really good at taking cliches from 80’s action movies and multiplying by like 11. We enjoyed the first season quite a bit and this season, was no different. It was just as enjoyable and just as bizarre. As long as you understand this is a surface-level type of show, it’s a lot of fun to watch. I have no idea where they would go from Season 1 and have no idea where they might go if Season 3 gets renewed.


The Good Place: Season 3

Finally got to the second half of this season. As always, this show is great. Love the character dynamics. It’s really hard to say which character is my favorite because I really like ALL of them. But if I had to force a decision, I’d say Janet might have the edge over everyone else. I love every scene she’s in. The writers for this show are great. Who knows what’s going to happen next? Can’t wait for the next season.


Barry: Season 2

Love love love this show. Loved the first season. Naturally, this season was just as good. There was 1 episode in particular that was absolutely phenomenal. It involves a botched hit and a feral child. So so good. And Hank. He might just be the show’s MVP. Love every scene he’s in soo soo much. Is Season 3 ready yet…?


Swamp Thing: Season 1

This show… was frustrating. The first couple episodes were good and exciting. Loved the horror elements and the phycological angle they used to approach the title character. But after the second episode, the rest of the show was more concerned with all the characters not called Swamp Thing. So, this made the whole thing feel very much like a soap opera. Each episode only had 10 minutes or so of the Swamp Thing. Ugh. I had to power my way through the episodes just to finish the season. Too bad, because it could’ve been so much better if more time was spent with the Swamp Thing.

Good Reads

**Sad Face**

It was a pretty busy month and as a result… I didnt read any books. Well, started a new comic, but havent finished. Hopefully that will change this next month.



Tool - Fear Inoculum

I mean… obviously this album dominates the entire month, even though it just came out. My first listen, I liked. I was a bit surprised by how low-energy it was, but still liked it. Second listen: liked even more. And each listen since then (I think I’m on the 10th listen), I love love love this album. It’s dense. It has layers. It gets stuck inside of your head. I was surprised at how positive and beautiful the album ended up being. Also, I purchased the deluxe package and it was delicious. Love good music packaging.

Foodle // 20190912

Foodle // 20190912

WIP: Short Story

WIP: Short Story