Eyes and Ears Report: September '19

Eyes and Ears Report: September '19



Between 2 Ferns The Movie:

I love the youtube clips of these crazy awkward interviews so naturally, the movie was a must. Overall, I think it was pretty good. The plot behind the movie was ok. The best parts of obviously the interviews. Actually, the best part of the movie is the bloopers at the end. Those had us laughing hard. Overall, it’s a pretty good movie.



This was a really great story. It starts out in a pretty bad place, but it’s amazing to watch the transformation of the main character. The story is made even more amazing knowing it really happened. Definitely recommend this one for sure.


Spider Man: Far from Home

I was… pleasantly surprised. I thought the last one was ok, but I’m a bit biased. I really liked the Raimi spider-man movies (well 1 and 2). So it took some getting used to for this new iteration. I think what helped with Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s awesome. I think I’d watch anything he’s in. Somehow the dynamic between Peter and Mary Jane was done very well. Overall, this was a fun breezy movie that does a good job of balancing action and comedy.



Preacher: Season 4

This show is bonkers. I was thinking about how it compares to Future Man which is totally bonkers. Future Man is bonkers by taking movie cliches and cranking them up to 11. Preacher is on a level completely of it’s own. It’s bizarre, it’s hard to predict, it’s actually amazing this show got made considering there is no show like it and it touches on some touchy subjects. This last seasons was great. Loved it. It had some nice camp to it. There were definitely some slow spots, but the characters are so well done it’s easy to forgive any criticisms. Favorite character is probably Cassidy, but that’s hard to narrow down since there are so many good ones. Sad to see it come to an end, but glad it could go out on its own.

Good Reads


Batman The Black Mirror

I really enjoyed this story. I dont know much about if there is a backstory or what not, but I really liked the idea that Dick Grayson takes on the roll of batman. It was a nice unexpected change and they did a good job of showcasing how his approach is different.



Being as an Ocean - PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story

I never heard of or listened to this band until Google recommended them. This album really grew on my. The first listen I thought was ok, but there were a couple songs that laid their hooks in me so I kept listening. Now I really like this album. It has a good mix of high and low energy songs. This album shares some similar sounds/vibes as Linkin Park. Favorite song is probably Tragedy.

Fred the Ghost

Fred the Ghost

Looking for Your Voice

Looking for Your Voice