How I built my booth

Last December was the first time that I participated in the Crafty Wonderland Art + Craft Market. It was a great experience and it was also the first time I built my booth. After the show, I realized there were a lot of problems with that booth setup. Since it was all PVC, the whole booth was super wobbly. Any touch of the wall would make the whole booth setup move. By the end of the show, I swear my booth moved a whole foot from where I did the initial setup. Another thing that bothered me was how "frumpy" the whole booth looked. No one else thought this except me, but it really bothered me. So immediately after that show, I started thinking up a new setup, one that was modular, so that I could flex the setup within the space, one that was easier to setup, one that looked a million times better and one that did rely on hanging art.

Below is my initial sketch. The idea was to create 4 free-standing walls that use pegboard to create shelves from. I based the idea off of peg board wood, thinking I could arrange shelves using peg board hooks. I wanted this to be really easy to setup and tear down. I also wanted the setup to be done free of tools, screws, screw guns, etc. While I was sketching this out, I did a lot of research on Home Depot to get an idea of cost and, wow, I realized each wall could be built for about $40. If I were to build 4 of these, that would be way cheaper than my previous setup.

060217 BoothSetup_sketch.jpg

So, after I was accepted into the spring Craft + Art Market, I went out and purchased all my supplies to start building a new booth. I did make one fairly major deviation by this time. Instead of peg board I used sanded plywood. It seemed way more stable and was a lot cheaper. This meant I would need to drills holes for the peg board hooks. Not too big a deal.

One thing to keep in mind is that I am NOT a wood worker. I know how to use the tools, but it usually takes me multiple times to get cuts and measurements just right. After building this new setup, I can say my skills have vastly improved!

So, now I can set my sites on the December show and put more effect into my art since the setup totally worked out! There's a few minor details I might modify on the shelves, but otherwise I'm very happy with the booth. Well actually, the one thing that needs a better fix is the sign setup. Currently it's too low, so I'll figure out a way to extend the sign above the booth so it stands out better. Otherwise, this next event will be more about the art and less about the booth setup.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my setup. Let me know what you think!