Tips & Tricks: Quickly Find Layers in Photoshop


I usually try to keep my workflow as clean and organized as possible. However, with my most recent digital piece created in Photoshop, trying to maintain this organization actually disrupted my creative flow. Instead of focusing on the layout I would spend too much time trying to figure out how the layers should be named and organized. This was an issue I recognized right away. The first and really only thing to go out the window was keeping all the layers properly named. That meant having a slew of untitled layers which would make it difficult to know what layer I was looking for. TT_LayerSelect2

The quick and easy trick I used in Photoshop to get around this issue was to have the Move Tool select the layer for me when I click on an object in the layout. To do this, select the Move Tool. Then in the control panel above the tools make sure auto select is unchecked and layer is selected in the drop down menu.


Once those settings are adjusted, hold down the cmd key (the auto select box becomes checked) and click an object in your layout. You will notice that layer is auto-selected for you in the layers panel. Done! Now you can edit the layer and move on. This technique will drastically improve your photoshop workflow because you won't spend time trying to find the right layer.

PS: even though I let my layers go unnamed I still threw everything into folders to help maintain some organization. This is easy to do if you select a group of layers you want in a folder and hit cmd + g. Check out my previous post for more: