For Fun

Whenever I’m not working on projects for other people, I’m using my creative skills to bring my own ideas to life whether that be for characters, illustrated scenes, games, or books. There’s always some idea to pursue.



Doodles, drawings, full-color illustrations: all of these ideas come to life in-between client work. They're ideas that have been stuck in my head; thoughts that get me sidetracked when I have a moment of free time.



Sometimes I take a break from illustrated characters and play around with words. Lettering is a lot of fun to do and my favorite type of lettering is fun, goofy and messy.



Each year, during October, I try to participate in the fun drawing challenge called Inktober. The idea is to draw something every day for the month of October. Some people follow daily prompts but I usually make my own. Below are the past few years of drawings.