Doodle Sheets Vol. 2

Doodle Sheets Vol. 2


Doodle Sheets Vol. 2 features 4 unique landscape scenes drawn in a minimal doodle style. Each scene was drawn by hand and converted to vector format for maximum usability. The drawings work as straight black and white pen drawings, but feel free to add color or grab individual elements for use elsewhere. These scenes would be great for the outdoor industry, background elements on websites, imagery to accompany content or just to give whatever project your working on that nice hand-drawn feel. Open up the Illustrator file and start having fun!

Feel free to contact me if you’re looking for something custom.

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Download includes:

  • 4 individual Ai files (8in x 8in)

* Usage: Personal and Commercial projects. Please do not resell or share the files.


What is this Doodle Sheet series all about? Each month, I plan to draw up a batch of doodles and release them as a collected package for anyone to purchase and use. This is one way to keep me drawing regularly. Not that I really need an excuse to draw, but this does keep me drawing. Another reason for this series is to give these drawings/doodles a greater purpose. Rather than simply drawing and sharing, these drawings get a bigger purpose that extends their life by being made available to anyone for whatever project they see fit.

If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this series, just send me a message. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!