Hello. My name is Jason. I love illustration and design, especially when it's fun and playful. I've worked on tons of projects ranging from children's book illustration, character design, art pieces for friends and families to designing retail fixtures, window displays, print design, and branding. My skills cover a variety of projects because I enjoy working on a variety of projects. Variety is the spice of life (as I was once told) and this variety in creative thinking tends to bleed across barriers into all projects. It's interesting how doodling with a sharpie can influence the way a character might look or even become part of a branding campaign focusing on unbound imagination. Most importantly, with each project comes the chance to collaborate and bring an idea to life in a fun way. It's so fun seeing an idea come to life after an exchange of words. It's also very fulfilling to see the end result and watch it head off into the wild to have a life of its own. I see each project as a good excuse for fun and creativity.