Chirp Nature Center contacted me a few months before their official store launch was planned. They needed art that could be used to enhance the brand experience, their store and to build out brand-based merch. What they had in mind involved illustrative art that could be used for their grand opening announcements, shirt art, bird seed bags, stickers and unique illustration-based art for their planned bird-of-the-month program. Their goal was to create a unique experience for bird lovers and wanted to use illustrative art to help realize this goal.

I created a unique and simple style with retro-vibes sprinkled in that could be duplicated for their bird-of-the-month program. This made the art versatile allowing it to be reproduced in various mediums. An even further simplified style was created for small format mediums like enamel pins. In addition to the bird-of-the-month, separate art was created for shirts, stickers and Chirp brand seed bag packaging.

Bird of the Month Illustrations


Bird of the Month Stickers


Bird of the Month Enamel Pins


Brand Merch


Seed Bag Art


Illustrations for Grand Opening Announcements


Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe
Brand Development

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