The Coding Train is a Youtube class that teaches “creative coding”. Each week, Daniel, publishes new videos about various concepts and interacts with his community. Recently he had to change the name of his class, so he was in need of some new branding. He contacted me after seeing some of my fun t-shirt designs on Cotton Bureau. What he wanted was a playful and fun logo and illustration featuring unicorns, a train and a rainbow instead of steam. So naturally, this was a great fit! In the end, I created an illustration, various logo marks, social media graphics, desktop wallpapers, t-shirt graphics and stickers. A whole treasure chest of magical fun!

Working with Jason was such a pleasure! I wanted a playful and fun illustrated logo for my YouTube channel and his creative ideas pushed it further than what I could have imagined. He was easy to communicate with and always met deadlines. I am so happy with his work!
— Daniel Shiffman


Final Logo & Illustration


Illustrated Scene


Shirt Designs


Various Avatars


The Coding Train
Brand Expansion

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